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Effective Presentation Skill

Course Description

Presentation is a means of communication which can be adapted to various speaking situations. However, if it is not delivered in an effective and interesting way, it won’t be heard at all. To be effective, step-by-step preparation and method should be carefully considered. In this training, participant will learn how to deliver presentation that gets results.

Course Objective:

  • What is Presentation
  • Organizing the presentation material
  • Describe an audience
  • Benefits of visual aids
  • Adding vocal variety
  • Coping with Presentation Nerves

Course Outline

  • Introduction to powerful presentation
  • Introduction to public speaking
  • Knowing the audience
  • Group presentations
  • Individual presentation
  • Projecting credibility
  • Choosing an effective visual aid: Flipcharts, PowerPoint and Slides
  • Vary the tone, pitch & volume of your voice to emphasis and maintain the audience attention
  • Overcome fear of public speaking
  • Dealing with questions


Course Duration

2 Days

Course Time

9am to 5pm

Course Fee


Group Discount of 10% for 3 or more participants

Course Dates

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