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Coaching Essentials

Course Description

As a leader in your organization, you are expected to help people meet or exceed expectations and to help ensure productivity and profitability for the organization. Coaching is a leadership tool that is effective in improving performance and contributing to the goals of the organization. In this course, you will explore the benefits of coaching, coaching approaches, how to develop an action plan, and methods for ensuring the coaching process is successful.

Course Objective:

You will establish a coaching relationship with the coachee, use appropriate skills for conducting the coaching conversation, and be able to create, monitor, and modify the coaching action plan.

  • Establish the coaching relationship.
  • Identify methods of conducting the initial coaching conversation.
  • Execute an action plan.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Establishing the Coaching Relationship

  • Observe Performance Before Beginning to Coach
  • Initiate the Coaching Relationship

Lesson 2: Conducting the Initial Coaching Conversation

  • Practice Active Listening Skills
  • Determine the Coaching Approach
  • Have the Initial Coaching Conversation

Lesson 3: Executing the Action Plan

  • Create the Action Plan
  • Modify the Action Plan
  • Recognize That Goals Have Been Met

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Time

9am to 5pm

Course Fee


Group Discount of 10% for 3 or more participants

Course Dates

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