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Basic Accounting Using Xero

Course Description

Basic Accounting using Xero is a two-day workshop which aim to provide an overview of the accounting knowledge and essentials to assist the managers, executives and founders in their daily activities.

Course Objectives

You will take some hands-on demonstration to do the following: bookkeeping, invoice management, expense management and reading financial statements using Xero and how they interact in business decision-making. End of the day, you will know how to use Xero to perform basic accounting to aid decision making.

Course Content

Topic 1: Basics of Accounting

  • Basics of Accounting
  • What is accounting?
  • Bookkeeping Financial accounting

Topic 2: Financial Accounting

  • Overview of the balance sheet
  • Balance sheet example
  • Limitations of the balance sheet
  • Differences between the balance sheet and income statement
  • Overview of the income statement
  • Income statement example
  • Overview of the cash flow statement
  • Cash flow example
  • Summary of financial reporting

Topic 3: Managerial Accounting

  • Product costing
  • Break even
  • Budgets
  • Real life examples of managerial accounting

Topic 4: Xero Account Setup

  • Sign Up Xero Online
  • Xero Online Plan
  • Xero Online Dashboard
  • Chart of Accounts Setup
  • Company Setup
  • Setting: Organization
  • Setting: Charts of Account
  • Setting: Others

Topic 5: Set Up a bank account

  • Create a bank account + bank feed setup
  • Import data into the bank account

Topic 6: Issue an invoice

  • Directly Issue an invoice
  • Issue a quotation
  • Convert the quotation into invoice
  • Enable online payment to the invoice
  • Add credit note to write off bad debt
  • Overview on invoice management

Topic 7: Expenses

  • Purchase Order / Bill
  • Claim Expense

Topic 8: Tax

  • Setting up the tax
  • View the tax report

Topic 9: Reports

  • All Reports
  • Popular Reports
  • Running Reports

Topic 10: Other Tasks

  • Manager Users
  • Connected Apps
  • Help & Resourc

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Time

9am to 5pm

Course Fee


(Group Discount of 10% for 3 or more participants)

Course Dates