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Adobe Illustrator

Course Description

This course covers the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator, which is used primarily to work with vector-based graphics. Learners will be equipped with the drawing techniques, types, layers, patterns, gradients, effects and 3D objects. You will learn how to create and modify objects with this powerful vector drawing software program offered by Adobe.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of Adobe Illustrator, participants will be able to:

  • Navigate Illustrator's interface
  • Draw vector graphics using Illustrator
  • Transform an object
  • Create blends and complex shapes
  • Apply advanced techniques
  • Create 3D object and apply effects
  • Apply colours and brushes effects
  • Create texts and paragraphs
  • Output correct setting for printing/web

By the end of the course, learners will be able to apply their knowledge of the Adobe Illustrator tools, features and special effects, allowing them to create fun and interesting artworks.

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to create illustrations, line art, logos, vector graphics, advertisements and page layout for work purposes or interests.


No prior knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is required. Participants need to have basic computer skills such as locating and opening files, downloading images, using keyboard and mouse.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Introducing Illustrator CC
  • Topic A: Apply Design Principles, Elements, and Graphics Composition
  • Topic B: Evaluate Graphics Scalability
  • Topic C: Navigate the User Interface
  • Topic D: Customize the User Interface
Lesson 2: Creating Documents Containing Basic Shapes
  • Topic A: Create Documents
  • Topic B: Save Documents
  • Topic C: Draw Basic Shapes
Lesson 3: Creating Documents Containing Customized Paths
  • Topic A: Draw Paths
  • Topic B: Modify Paths
Lesson 4: Creating Graphics Containing Customized Text
  • Topic A: Insert Text
  • Topic B: Apply Flow Text Along a Path
  • Topic C: Insert Bounded and Threaded Text
  • Topic D: Apply Text Styles
  • Topic E: Insert Typographical Characters
Lesson 5: Customizing Objects
  • Topic A: Import, Place, and Link Graphics
  • Topic B: Alter the Appearance of Objects
Lesson 6: Customizing Basic Shapes
  • Topic A: Apply Strokes and Brushes
  • Topic B: Fill Shapes
  • Topic C: Apply Graphics Styles
  • Topic D: Distort Text with Text Envelopes
Lesson 7: Preparing Documents for Deployment
  • Topic A: Update Text
  • Topic B: Wrap Text
  • Topic C: Hyphenate Text
  • Topic D: Optimize Content for Print
  • Topic E: Optimize Content for the Web
  • Topic F: Optimize Content for PDF Documents
Lesson 8: Drawing Complex Illustrations
  • Topic A: Apply the Grid, Guides, and Info Panel
  • Topic B: Combine Objects to Create Complex Illustrations
  • Topic C: Organize Artwork with Layers
  • Topic D: Create a Perspective Drawing
  • Topic E: Trace Artwork
Lesson 9: Enhancing Artwork Using Painting Tools
  • Topic A: Paint Objects Using Fills and Strokes
  • Topic B: Paint Objects Using Live Paint Groups
  • Topic C: Paint with Custom Brushes
  • Topic D: Add Transparency and Blending Modes
  • Topic E: Apply Meshes to Objects
  • Topic F: Apply Patterns
Lesson 10: Customizing Colors and Swatches
  • Topic A: Manage Colors
  • Topic B: Customize Swatches
  • Topic C: Manage Color Groups
  • Topic D: Adjust Color
Lesson 11: Enhancing the Appearance of Artwork
  • Topic A: Apply Effects to an Object
  • Topic B: Create Graphic Styles
  • Topic C: Apply a Mask to an Object
  • Topic D: Apply Symbols and Symbol Sets

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Time

9am to 5pm

Course Fee


(Group Discount of 10% for 3 or more participants)

Course Dates