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Adapt to Change

Course Description

As you continue to grow and develop as a professional, there are a few guarantees in the workplace but at one time or another, you will face substantive changes or modifications to some aspect. Prepare yourselves to adapt successfully to rapidly changing business environment and workplace.

Course Objective

You will identify the global trends impacting the workplace and discuss the need for change and the available change strategies for helping change to be accepted and implemented in the workplace.

Target Audience

Operational and front-line staffs who need to know how to adapt to change in a diverse workplace.

Course Content

Day 1

Lesson 1: Identify the global trends

Lesson 2: Understand through profiling your natural response to change and pressure

Lesson 3: See Change NOT to be feared but as an important element to be embraced

Lesson 4: See the change as an opportunity for self-motivation

Lesson 5: Describe the impact of the changes on your job

Lesson 6: Identify competencies required in your career

Day 2

Lesson 7: Explore the external and internal forces that drive the change

Lesson 8: Strategies for dealing with change

Lesson 9: Identify gaps and determine the suitable training & development needed

Lesson 10: Leverage your Strengths and Build your Knowledge Base

Lesson 11: Flexibility and Learning New Skills

Lesson 12: Other Tips

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Time

9am to 5pm

Course Fee


Group Discount of 10% for 3 or more participants

Course Dates

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