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Strategy Development and Strategic Thinking

Course Dates

7 - 8 Aug 2018
15 - 16 Oct 2018

Course Specifications

Course length: 2.0 days   

Course Fees: S$395.00 (Group Discount of 10% for 3 or more participants)    

Course Description

This course will provide you with a process for developing a clear understanding of your business's culture, operations, and market position, while facilitating the development of a strategic blueprint for gaining the competitive advantage necessary for your business's success, now and in the future.

Course Objective:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to;

  • You will develop an approach to the formulation of strategic programs and initiatives critical for effectively leading and managing an organization.

Target Audience:

Senior & Middle Management taking on roles such as Directors, CFO, General Manager, Department/ Business Unit Managers. Individuals whom are involved in strategic development & thinking. All industries are relevant.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Origins and Importance of Strategy

Lesson 2: Approaches to understanding Strategy

Lesson 3: Lean Management System

Lesson 4: Purpose of Strategy

Lesson 5: Strategic Process

  • Purpose & Vision
  • Develop Long Term, Breakthrough Ambitions
  • Analyzing the External Environment
  • Analyzing the Internal Environment
  • Formulating & Implementing Strategy

Lesson 6: Strategic Thinking

  • Strategic Planning
  • The Synergy
  • Strategic Stretch
  • The Strategic Equation

Lesson 6: Stakeholder Assessment

Lesson 7: Levels of Strategy

Lesson 8: Strategy Leadership & Key Initiatives

  • Approaches to leadership styles
  • Alignment and Consensus

Lesson 9: Strategy Management

  • Sustain the Strategy

Lesson 10: Leadership and Ethics

  • The Classical Vs Socioeconomic View 

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