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Building and Leading Effective Teams

Course Dates

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Course Specifications

Course length: 2.0 day(s)

Course Fees: S$395.00

Course Description

You need to build and lead high performing team to achieve organizational goals. Leaders achieve this by setting direction, inspiring action, aligning resources and developing the capabilities of a team. 

Course Objective:

Upon completion of this course, participant will :

Understand how a team works
To manage team performance
Describe his/her team culture, and the implications of personal variances
Create a plan for the effective consideration of personality type in achieving the team's overall goals
Lead a effective team and manage them

Course Content

  • The role of team leadership to drive business performance
  • Understanding team work
  • Team goals and roles
  • Balancing within a team
  • Managing a team and team dynamics between team members and groups within the team
  • Understanding and resolving conflict
  • Understanding team skills and competencies
  • Power of teamwork
  • Team performance effectiveness


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